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Expressing my gratitude to all those who assisted me.


Thank You
Thank you.

There are so many people to thank but so little space to do so. I will do my best and attempt to keep it simple. Three people and a list. That’s all. Promise.

Three people have been infinitely important to the development of this site. Without their assistance, I would not have been able to complete the site. Here you guys go, my gratitude toward you:

If I had not found morgueFile, I do not know how I would have been able to create the fascinating imagery on this site. Some of it was created using an image editor, but much of it was found on the fantastic archive and amazing community on morgueFile. It has been the source for every photograph, from the skyscraper in the header, to the parrots on the about page, even the picture of the map on the site map.

And finally, to all these great sites for inspiring me and teaching me: