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March 2007
Opera > Netscape?
Okay, I’m sure many of you remember the time when I was fanatical over Netscape (version 8.1.2 is out by the way). I’ve changed loyalties over to Opera; at the time it was mostly because Opera had become free and Netscape wouldn’t update their browser.
February 2007
The Manipulation of Media
Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Jon Stewart’s interview on the late CNN television show Crossfire. He not only made Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala look foolish, but he managed to cause the show’s termination, as well. To me, this is a victory for the voting citizens of the United States. A first battle against television which oversimplifies politics and creates a biased, partisan debate. This disgraceful format often causes an absolute mockery of one party to sway viewers, thus making this system more than corrupt and simply existing as an outlet for a political party rather than news.
Music Ρiracy: Demon from Heaven or Angel from Hell?
The world of music ρiracy has engulfed me, and I must express how much I hate loving it. I wouldn’t really give a damn about pirating music if it weren’t for the fact that most the music I’ve downloaded in the past few months has been from bands that are fairly unknown. These aren’t the bands that are getting cash just for breathing. Typically, these are the bands that are never going to “make it,” but make music for the love of it. And these are the bands I feel are most deserving of my cash. I would probably encourage people to download music from bands such as My Chemical Romance, or Panic! at the Disco, because these are the bands that are such **** they make me want to find the closest nursery and choke every single baby within it.
How to Rip DVDs with VLC
VLC Media Player is one of the most versatile media players ever. What it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in functionality. It can read and save all the major formats of video and audio, and much more than that, it can rip DVDs. This is a pretty simple process, if you know what you&#re doing. Plus, it saves you having to buy expensive DVD ripping software!
January 2007
I’ve Got Nothing to Say, Part 2
Continued from last week, the great words of the great minds of the great human race. This should bring an excellent close to January, and it should give you “a plenary sense of satisfaction,” as Sam Wolken wrote in the foreword of The Subway Man and Other Writings.
I’ve Got Nothing to Say, Part 1
Lyrics from The Strokes’ album First Impressions of Earth include this sentence from the song “Ask Me Anything,” repeated seven times: “I’ve got nothing to say.” This entry is to feature those who actually do have things to say. Some of these quotes are debilitating profundities, and some are just plain good.
Coming Soon: Sizzle
Brian’s been working on an RSS-operated content management system specifically for Seraphic Zephyr called “Sizzle.” In his own words, “In the very next paragraph, I spoke of the RSS CMS I was building, how I decided to call it Sizzle after Seraphic Zephyr, the site it was made for. (SZ, pronounce it) Also, because I like bacon and bacon sizzles.”
Off to a Good Start?
The first two weeks of the year have already occurred, and I’d like to bring your attentions to several events that have influenced the Web recently. But as you read these, I ask you: Are we off to a good start? Or are we simply going to collapse on our faces and provide the ultimate catalyst for the Web’s demise?