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The Lull in Web Standards August 23, 2005 – 4:15 p.m. – Permalink

Perhaps it is just me, but over the past few months Web standards have been in a sort of hibernation. Nothing even remotely significant has occurred, besides the fabulous CSS Reboot and numerous redesigns.

Submissions on both CSS Beauty and Unmatched Style are running extremely dry (see latest features on both) and news have been pretty much few and far between on The Web Standards Project, and they have a ton of standards–related material to deal with every day.

The only remotely interesting thing that’s happened in the last month or so is the release of the first beta of Internet Explorer. But even that is pretty disappointing, as CSS 2 is badly supported in IE7 almost as bad as it was in IE6.

A List Apart 4.0 logo.

However, that lull is coming to an end. Just yesterday A List Apart 4.0 was released by the one and only Jeffrey Zeldman, under partnership between Happy Cog and Complex Spiral Consulting. It’s a new innovative design, much more interesting than 3.0. And Mr. Zeldman has written a full–length article regarding it.

Not to mention, And All That Malarkey has given all of its Brit Pack members a stylish new logo by Jon Hicks (lucky them) and this is another example of the creativity beginning to recirculate around the Web.

And that’s not all; the W3C Validator has redesigned its interface to a much more versatile and prettier look. Now I’ll at least feel better if they find an error in my site.

But there’s some sad things too. John Oxton has suspended his blog and is suffering quite a bit. Dunstan Orchard isn’t posting anymore. Roger Johansson isn’t going to post as much as he used to. And A List Apart is beginning to put advertisements on its site.

If all these fine people are dropping out of the Web standards community and this lull is that damaging, Web standards will most certainly go down the drain. And that’ll be it. We’ll let the Web continue to fall into the abyss of failure. And that’ll be it. Nothing else. Zilch.