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An Apology August 25, 2006 – 9:36 p.m. – Permalink

A few days ago I was considering closing down Seraphic Zephyr and instead focusing on the other aspects of my life. It’s a recurring thought that continually obstructs my plans for the site, and I have several things to say about it in the form of an apology. Originally, I was ecstatic about writing for Seraphic Zephyr. But entry after entry, this excitement waned.

I know that I haven’t been uploading frequently and a lot of my reader base has left because of it. I remember last summer when I began Seraphic Zephyr, staying up late attempting to fix every little design mistake so that I could come up with a passable design on June 22, 2005, three minutes before the next day.

To tell you the truth, much of the time I don’t feel like writing anything for this site nowadays. It gets very tiresome to be a blogger, and very few people who read them realize this. Any longtime reader will realize that beginning in January, the quality of my articles began deteriorating significantly. I considered “W3C, Get a Move On” to be my best entry in months.

I should have been encouraged with “Thoughts on Life and Blogging” but I wasn’t. The huge response I received from that entry (17 comments) induced me to a state of euphoria in which I knew that I had to write more, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I realize that I have a responsibility to all of you, and I need to maintain that.

I apologize for my disloyalty toward Seraphic Zephyr. With this entry, I hope to reiterate my responsibility toward both the site and my readers, and I’m going to focus more on this site and what it originally was meant to be.

So, here I make an announcement: Seraphic Zephyr is switching hosts. I will no longer be redirecting to this rubbish you see for the URL. All Seraphic Zephyr pages will be located under and only under