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Boston and Opera, Sitting in a Tree? December 18, 2006 – 12:07 p.m. – Permalink

My friend Patrick refuses to use Firefox. He’s migrated from Netscape to a short period with Internet Explorer 7 to Opera. Patrick used to be an avid fan of Netscape, and now he’s an avid fan of Opera. Recently he pointed me to an interesting Slashdot news story.

Stop Using Opera!

The headline of the story states, “Boston Globe to Blogger—‘Stop Using Opera.’” News about browsers and disputes regarding browsers always interest me, so naturally, I looked into it. Anyway, Mac Daniel of the Boston Globe wrote on his column that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority had redesigned its site.

One user, despatchel, apparently hated the website, and thus a rather large argument ensued that enveloped a bunch of Bostonian bloggers. Note the fact that no other Opera users apparently have the problem. Allegedly, despatchel’s LiveJournal entry contains screenshots of the problems in Opera, but too bad for non-LiveJournal users who don’t use dumb social networking sites like that.

So what’s the point? There really is none—despatchel’s making a mountain out of a molehill. Okay, so it doesn’t work in Opera. You don’t have to go losing your temper, insulting the MBTA in a more than offensive LiveJournal entry. What I would do is e-mail them a kind note stating, “Hey, guys, I noticed that your site doesn’t work in my version of Opera. Here are the problems I’ve got, and I was wondering if you could look into it a little bit and let me know if it’s on my end or yours.”

The MBTA has closed down its site to “improve performance,” and I guess that means that they’re going to see what the Operatic problem is. It might be a while.

Among Other Things

It’s almost time to go back to my entry “2005: Highlights and Predictions” from last year and figure out what’s in store for 2007 and whether my fortune-telling skills are proficient. And I’d like to offer my apologies for the huge lack of articles in November. Expect the same for December. Finals, I tell you ....

Simplebits has redesigned. It looks really good, and I like the subdued colors. I’ll probably be able to get to a redesign for Seraphic Zephyr around ... 2008?

Also, it appears that I was right in “Accessibility in Law: Nothing New” from November. The BBC World News has reported that 97% of websites are still inaccessible, according to the United Nations Global Audit of Web Accessibility from Nomensa. It’s very unfortunate that so many people insist on failing the disabled.

Not to mention that Time has named “you” as person of the year for 2006, based on sites such as MySpace, YouTube, and Wikipedia. You, basically, control these sites. An interesting selection, if I might say so.

That’s all I have to offer for today, unfortunately. There will be two more articles for December, one about ten years of CSS and another about 2006. Oh, and watch for one of the esteemed Brian’s articles here soon, along with one of mine over there.

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