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The Subtleties of Christmas December 25, 2005 – 11:49 a.m. – Permalink

Snow in Mozilla's background.

Merry Christmas! Those two words have the power to strike joy in almost every person you say them to. Whether they are wealthy or in poverty, saying that phrase to them might perk up their day a little bit. But the main focus of this entry, I’m afraid, is about Christmas ... on the Web! (Sorry, Brian.)

Amongst all of the advertisements on the Web flashing words and pictures about how their holiday products are the perfect presents for Mom, Dad, Bob, the truck driver across the street, that one UPS guy, and the dog, there are still a few subtle perks that add to one’s browsing experience.

For example, consider Google. Even though it has been growing into a massive company these past years, its doodles with the company logo have struck me as being playful — something you almost never see in a website.

The header image of Yahoo also has a little perk — snow on the logo and a snowman to go along with it.

But these “subtleties” do not have to be on the logo itself. For example, at Mozilla, the logo itself isn’t changed, but the background of the site is changed — the snowflakes add tremendous impact to the effect. At, the masthead is changed to reflect the season.

Most blogs simply post an entry saying, “Merry Christmas!” or something of that sort. Like this one. Not that it isn’t bad to post about Christmas in your blog at or after the fact.

The only point to this entry is the two words I began with: Merry Christmas.