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Netscape Beta February 28, 2006 – 7:17 p.m. – Permalink

This is a reprint of an article at Ignite by Brian —, posted in April of 2005. Just a short, sweet reprint while I get my mind back together to begin writing again in March.

This is hilarious. One of my friends downloaded Netscape’s new beta and it keeps crashing. I find it blinkin’ hilarious, as I sit on my computer chair with Firefox. So here’s a conversation taken directly from Yahoo! about the subject:

Pat: Netscape crashed again
Pat: that’s the shortest time between crashes yet
Brian: ::chants:: firefox firefox firefox
Brian: it roxors
Brian: 1.0.3!
Pat: oh come on, it’s just a BETA
Pat: well gimme a link and I’ll download it
Pat: just to check it out
Pat: I mean direct, oh well
Brian: lazy boy
Brian: maybe netscape will crash while you’re going there
Brian: and I will laugh
Pat: lol
Brian: with my STABLE BUILD of FIREFOX

So as you can see, Firefox is almost inarguably better than any other browser. Until I change my mind. And as soon as it downloads the update. Darn updater.

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