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Thoughts on Life and Blogging January 7, 2006 – 9:32 p.m. – Permalink

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to express my feelings without feeling hindered by what this blog was originally meant to be — a simple blog about Web standards and Web design. But recently, I’ve felt like Seraphic Zephyr has not amounted to anything important in anyone’s eyes.

I received an e–mail from DotTK, the Web hosting site that offers free hosting. It’s not the domain I’m worried about; it’s the notification I received regarding that particular domain.

Currently, Seraphic Zephyr has two main domains: and The .us domain is paid for by me, while the .tk website is hosted by DotTK, a company based in Tokelau in Oceania.

Here’s part of what the e–mail said:

“It seems to be that in the last 90 days there were less then 25 hits on your website. Because we want to give everybody equal opportunities to register Dot TK domain names, this domain name will soon be made available for registration by someone else!”

DotTK counts the amount of visits to the actual location of the site. The .us domain is a redirection to the “” URL you see. I’m sort of worried that my blog doesn’t matter — it’s just another stupid site that nobody cares about.

When I read this e–mail, I became so saddened that I wanted to close Seraphic Zephyr and not operate this website, which takes up so much of my life. The whole purpose to blogging is to have others read your thoughts, not take up space, as some others would think.

It’s essentially the same case with life. Everyone says life is unfair — you don’t always get what you want. You usually never do. Life is full of compromises. We, as human beings, blog because we want to express ourselves and reach out to others.

I submitted Seraphic Zephyr to many different CSS showcases, not because I wanted the pride, but because I wanted more people to know about my site and to become readers.

Back in June I started with only a few readers, and it blossomed into a variety of readers around August and September. But the e–mail I received from DotTK struck deep in my heart. It reminded me firstly that my blog wasn’t important, and secondly that life was mocking me, making me want to close this blog.

This may be the last entry I’ll ever write on Seraphic Zephyr; I don’t know. Please, comment with your thoughts.