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Coming Soon: Sizzle January 15, 2007 – 9:47 p.m. – Permalink

Brian’s been working on an RSS-operated content management system specifically for Seraphic Zephyr called “Sizzle.” In his own words, “In the very next paragraph, I spoke of the RSS CMS I was building, how I decided to call it Sizzle after Seraphic Zephyr, the site it was made for. (SZ, pronounce it) Also, because I like bacon and bacon sizzles.”

“I outlined the details of my plan to distribute it through this website after I had e-mailed it to Preston, the owner of SZ. Then I made some transitional remarks about it being almost finished for it to word basically like I had envisioned. All was well and good.”

Brian released the “Sizzle 0.0.1” alpha, in case you are interested: “Well, today I’m going to release Sizzle 0.0.1 Alpha. This is 0.0.1 because 0.1 will be the first fully working prototype, and the rest will follow. So here’s the source code for sizzle so far, if you want to look at my methods and improve on them, please go ahead, and tell me! I need someone to tell me how to clear the cache in magpie, so if you know, please tell me!”

Thank God for great people like Brian who can do marvelous things for people who can’t. Especially in PHP. Apologies for the short entry. High school has me swamped.