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The Irony of Chipotle® July 6, 2005 – 10:38 a.m. – Permalink

Founded by Steve Ells in 1993, Chipotle Mexican Grill is a Colorado–based burrito and taco restaurant that is famous for their chunky guacamole and for being one of the first successful chains in the newer category of fast–casual dining establishments — with more emphasis on quality and slightly higher prices than traditional fast food, but still a quick meal. It is now a subsidary of the McDonald’s Corporation.


Just yesterday I was looking at the back of my drink from Chipotle (mmm) and saw a website URI. As many of you know, I just cannot resist surfing to the website and being a critic of standardization.

Well, when I arrived at the Chipotle website, I found that it was completely in Flash, which was partly a good and bad thing. Good because there’s no danger of it not being standards–compliant, and bad because ... there’s no danger of it not being standards–compliant!

I went surfing for a while longer, learning about the “fresh ingredients” that Chipotle always put into its guacamole and beans and tortillas and everything else. Then I went to Wikipedia, one of my favorite websites, and found out that Chipotle “is now a subsidiary of the McDonald's Corporation.”

Isn’t that ironic? Granted, as some of my friends pointed out, they had already known about McDonald’s ownership of Chipotle and said that it occurred before the millennium.

But truly, that is ironic.

In other news Seraphic Zephyr has been featured on CSS Tableless Websites, a showcase that features sites that do not use tables as part of their layout.