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Isn’t Netscape 8 Supposed to be Better? July 12, 2005 – 10:27 p.m. – Permalink

A few weeks ago I tried to download and install the new Netscape 8.0, but for some odd reason I received a flawed file. So this time I tried again and I thought to myself, “It would have been better to stay without it.”

The interface of Netscape 8.0 was strange and unfamiliar compared to Netscape 7, its predecessor. I found myself looking quite a while for the options I wanted to see. The URL bar isn’t in the same place, and it's smaller, too.

The thing that confused me the most, however, was the choice between rendering engines. I found that there was a choice between the Internet Explorer rendering engine and the Firefox rendering engine, but unfortunately no Netscape rendering engine. Hello? Isn’t this supposed to be Netscape? The browser corporation that overturned the Web in the 1990s? What happened here?

The “Fusion” theme is a good addition, because the default one was certainly nothing close to my style (it was kind of an odd resurrection of the ancient Netscape 4 skin [shudders]). However, there were many strange mistakes and things they left out. For example, when adding more bookmarks to the much–too–wide toolbar underneath the URL, the continuation arrow (what you get when the number of your bookmarks gets too large for the toolbar) moved to the left and in its place was a part torn out of the window behind it!

I can tell that they made this junk in a hurry, but really in too much of a hurry.