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The Stupidity of Free Web Hosting July 19, 2005 – 9:35 p.m. – Permalink

During the 1990s, probably the best thing about the Web was how easy it was to get your site online and get it hosted. After the great bust of the late 1990s, however, that all changed. Hosting companies got fed up with the amount of money they had to spend on free Web hosting.

After that time, it was difficult to find Web hosting without threads, as in without banners and advertisements. That’s the hardest thing a fledgling Web designer has to overcome — the hosting.

The places such as Tripod and FreeWebs took very large steps into free Web hosting but their advertisements and such were quite annoying and ended up in not as many people joining the Web design hobby or career.

Now, Blogger has been taking a new route into free Web hosting, but still, for us underprivileged designers, good free hosts are very few and far between. One of these is DotTK, which specializes in redirection.

If you are lucky to find an ISP who gives free Web hosting to customers, I suggest you take it. This was just a little rant about more of the injustices of this world. Thanks for reading.

In other news Seraphic Zephyr has been featured on W3C Compliant Sites, a site featuring beautiful standards–compliant markup and sites.