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Words, Bikes, Fractions and Turtles July 24, 2005 – 5:34 p.m. – Permalink

A tiny microchip implanted in an extremely rare “royal” turtle kept the 33–pound amphibian from winding up in a Chinese soup–pot. A small number of the turtles, once considered the exclusive property of Cambodia’s royal family before poaching brought them to near extinction, was discovered and micro–chipped four years ago by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The group says one of the tagged turtles was recently found in a crate of confiscated wildlife by Vietnamese authorities and identified a special reading device that detected its tag. Following a routine health screening and examination, the turtle was returned to Cambodia, where it will soon be returned into the waters of the Sre Ambel River.


In celebration of the completion of Trivial Pursuit @ the Library and also Lance Armstrong’s victory in the Tour de France, I’m posting a completely random entry combining four interesting things I found this week.

Words » Because of the completion of Trivial Pursuit @ the Library, I can now announce the beginning of a massive redevelopment of the renowned Long Word Central. The full–fledged redesign will be initiated within this week and I have the support of quite a few people to drive me. The new site will look vaguely like the November 2004 design, but there will be many new changes. The reason I chose to redesign was the obsolete status of the coding within and the restricted freedom to modify anything.

Bikes » Yes! Lance Armstrong, undoubtedly one of my favorite athletes, has won his seventh consecutive Tour de France, setting a much more thrilling world record and shattering hopes made by Jan Ullrich that he would gain the podium at Champs–Elysses. Read the BBC Sport report.

Fractions » On a much less grand level, I saw a hilarious bumper sticker the other day that said “4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions.” Now isn't that the funniest thing you’ve heard all day?

Turtles » Finally, a happy ending to a suspenseful story. I wish that turtle luck as it continues its fruitful life.

And that endearing finale closes today’s entry, full of triumphs on both the large and small level, with a few funny twists in between. What’s the moral? Any triumph, whether on a microscopic level or on a political level, is worth talking about.