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Argh! More Problems! June 25, 2005 – 11:44 p.m. – Permalink

I am sitting here at my computer tearing my hair out because of a bug that I did not even attempt to see in Internet Explorer 6! And that is the worst possible bug that can afflict a designer.

Why? Because Internet Explorer controls all the browsing of more than 85% of the world. Anyway, in Internet Explorer 6, the headings are scrunched together like they were in Opera 7, only this is much worse.

I am feverishly creating an alternative style sheet for the home page (the only location where it is needed, and the most important) and using browser detection via JavaScript to divert Internet Explorer users from the regular “real” style sheet. Sorry this kind of emergency had to occur.

I’m still sitting here at my computer tearing my hair out, by the way.

Update (September 10, 2005): I’m not anymore.