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Internet Explorer Compromise June 28, 2005 – 4:08 p.m. – Permalink

After a couple days of frustration, I’ve finally emerged from the display dilemma with a compromise between Internet Explorer and other standards–compliant browsers.

Inconsistency should be wiped out » The problem was solved in Internet Explorer because of the inconsistency of the headings; the first heading was not positioned absolutely, while the lower two were. After modifying the first heading so that it was positioned through absolute positioning, voilà! It works!

Except for a few minor details » Of course, when I planned the design of this site out, I did not put into account the differences in vertical size between Internet Explorer and Firefox. Because of this, I had to sacrifice one of the browsers for correct display in one of the browsers. Because of its popularity, I chose Internet Explorer.

Had the browser wars erupted again » I assure you I would have chosen Firefox. A sad state of affairs.

Update (August 20, 2005): Since this post, Seraphic Zephyr’s style sheet and markup have been mutilated in every way possible. You will no longer see what I’m talking about here. The headings no longer exist, replaced by only one heading on the right, and there is now no need to choose a browser as a compromise. Such is the sadness of obsoletion.