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Mélange March 29, 2006 – 3:36 p.m. – Permalink

As a break from the prolific writing I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, I decided to put together something like what I wrote in “Mishmash” in preparation for something sure to take out March with a bang. Again, there will probably be some from the past that I plucked out of the status of being unknown.

A Community Event!
Patrick has got an interesting contest over at his blog regarding eight fascinating facts that he found at, a site I frequent too. Definitely worth a look when you have spare time and in the creative mood. Redesign
A very intuitive look at how Jørgen feels about the new redesign of CNN. Personally, I think it is a backward step, but that may just be me.
A mystery word whose entry should really be uploaded to Long Word Central, but it is still in (dormant) redevelopment.
Government Sites Fail Web Tests
Woo–hoo! Accessibility, at least, is being noticed in the UK. The article even mentions the World Wide Web Consortium, one thing I have personally never seen in an article from a major news site like the BBC.
Idaho House Concurrent Resolution No. 29
The Idaho government’s commendation of Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess, and the City of Preston for the production of Napoleon Dynamite. Via Airbag Industries.
I need to stop laughing at this.
Leet Translator
Only go if you really need to talk like a geek.
Mother of All Blonde Jokes
Brought back again because of its humor. I sat laughing for ages at this joke.
Password Generator
Now for something serious. Following the Riesen Hijacking (frequent and careful readers of my blog will know about this), I used this excellent password generator for all of my new passwords.
Redesigns: The Web Standards Project and Veerle
Looks very nice.
Sam’s site has certainly gone over many hurdles over the last few months, losing much of its readers, but he’s happy to announce the reincarnation of the forums that have made up an integral part of my Firefox bookmarks.
Whose Fish?
A repeat of a problem purportedly by Albert Einstein brought to you by Coudal Partners. I unfortunately haven’t been able to solve it yet.
Wikipedia: Unusual Articles
Wikipedia has a treasure trove of undiscovered unusual articles that are worth going through. Ever been to Glitch City or decoded the Voynich manuscript?