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Why Firefox Is Still on Fire, Part 1 May 30, 2006 – 9:55 p.m.

My writing rate on Seraphic Zephyr has become considerably slower, so I decided I would pile together a set of people’s opinions on why Firefox is better (or worse) than other browsers currently dominating the market. Tomorrow I’ll offer my own thoughts on Firefox and its success.


I like Firefox ’cause it’s really safe. And because I can control what it does and what it doesn’t do. And because of tabs. And themes. And ... it’s much better than Internet Explorer. That’s the main one, actually.


I like the basic interface of Firefox, no excess junk like other browsers, and how it gives the option of a bookmarks toolbar. The search bar in the upper righthand corner also provides hasty access to Wikipedia and Merriam–Webster searches, both of which I frequently use compared to other searches. Other useful tools are the “View Page Info” and the way the source code is shown. The best part of Firefox has got to be its tabs; I use tabs all the time.


I did try Firefox lately because I wanted to use Google Notebook, but I hated not being able to have multiple site settings (No JavaScript, Pictures from the Originating site only, etc.).

Also I didn’t really like the fact you can only shrink the upper interface a little bit and with Netscape I was able to get it down to the Forward/Back buttons, the address bar, and of course the tabs.

Oh, and I like Netscape’s menu GUI better than Firefox’s.


[There’s] not much [I like about Firefox].


I like the reliability of Firefox. Really, the only positive difference I have experienced from IE is that it freezes less. On the negative side, many sites are not compatible with Firefox and IE is necessary.

It is a plug–in thing. Many sites just do not have their necessary plug–ins required to be compatible with Firefox.

I would not force [webmasters] to do anything [to be more compatible]. If they want higher hits, then make it compatible. They just use plug–ins that Firefox does not have built in, and, in some cases, cannot install. Some work is needed on Firefox’s side, as well, to fulfill their [users’] needs.

If I had the skills and the time, of course I would [help out with the source code]. I would love to see Firefox begin to truly flourish. Although Microsoft has somewhat of an advantage, as the ruling in Microsoft vs. the Government has recently been ceased.

In other news So it seems the manic era of CSS showcases is over. Stylegala is being auctioned off, looking not at all the same as it did before, and Web Standards Awards is closing. I will be writing about this again later.