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Will Firefox Win? October 18, 2005 – 5:21 p.m. – Permalink

Firefox eating Internet Explorer.

Part three in a series entitled “Winning the Web.”

In my entry entitled “Mozilla the Corporation”, I talked about Firefox and its ever–rising popularity. Firefox, the most popular alternative browser, has been gaining such steam that I expect it to be a major contender for the near future if not longer.

But what’s more important is whether Firefox and Mozilla will win the war against Internet Explorer and Microsoft. Internet Explorer 7 is long overdue (Microsoft tends to release new versions with operating systems, which takes years) and designers are calling for a much better version of the infamously unsafe browser, saying, “Fix this! Fix that!”

Firefox currently has the upper hand. Although Opera gained a ton of popularity (see “Opera Is Free”) through its removal of advertisements, Firefox is still superior in popularity. Some of the features Firefox has just can’t be beaten: live bookmarks, tabbed browsing, and many other options — these make the general browsing public veer toward Firefox.

But will Firefox win? That remains to be seen. Internet Explorer 7 just might make the public surprised, as Apple has recently with its iPod Nano, and as Google did by partnering with Sun Microsystems (see “Huge”).

I believe that eventually, Firefox will win the Web. Ballmer didn’t motivate Microsoft’s popularity ... he decreased it. His statement “We will win the Web” was probably Microsoft’s worst sentence said in a very long time.

Don’t deny it. Firefox is the future. Take that, Microsoft.

In other news (wow I’m doing a ton of these nowadays) Can’t Stop the Thinking is now Ignite. Also, Expose, don’t Impose is now Den of Squiggles. Good design and good reads.