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Miscellany October 28, 2006 – 2:48 p.m. – Permalink

I’ve reformatted my system, and subsequently, a massive influx of interesting links to intriguing pages containing illuminating information comes to light. Seraphic Zephyr hasn’t had one of these babies since March. It’s sure to satisfy your palate whatever you crave. Be enlightened! Enjoy!

Not sure if it’d work at Colorado Springs Airport — too few taxis. Don’t make the same mistake as Patrick — read the two description paragraphs first! This is not for the faint of heart.
The Bald and the Beautiful
Strange how Jørgen’s Flickr packages in the mail coincide with the invitation I received from Brian inviting me to the very same site. Eh, it’s the world-of-digital-photography-dominating Flickr. What do you expect? I must say, the Bald Guy greeting cards look interesting.
Firefox 2.0 Released
If you haven’t heard already. Johansson was one of the first to notice. The official press release. And if your bookmarks are vanishing (like mine), here’s the possible culprit.
Great Expectations
Bloggings by Patrick, moved again. He always provides a great read, no matter how bored or how exhausted you are. Be sure to subscribe to the feed.
This site has graced my bookmarks list for ages now. Did you know that 94% of websites haven’t been updated in the past week (like this one most of the time)? Subscribing to the feed will keep you loaded with trivia for hours.
Ultimate ubiquity. I mean, they’ve even redesigned, for heaven’s sake.
The Life of a Corndog
Brian’s new film — I must say, good alternative to the old, great podcasts or the older, greater WOWIFLIs (Whatever of Whenever I Feel Like It). Well, Brian is resurrecting his podcasting and replacing the WOWIFLIs with Quote Unquotes. Oh, and he’s redesigned his site.
Mourn with the Nation of Comedy Central-less Colbert Lovers
What are we supposed to do now? Well, there is one Even Stevphens left — enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose!
Paper Sky
Interesting animation.
Speech Accent Archive
A really very interesting project. My favorite’s the New Zealander.
Taco Town
Brian beat me to it. A Saturday Night Live skit. I think I’d probably stop at the “guacamolito” sauce. Download it so you can loop it over and over again on your new iTunes 7.