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Blog Commenting’s Necessary Death September 2, 2005 – 5:35 p.m. – Permalink

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Blog commenting. We all do it. Many of us love it. Some of us use it to inflict damage on the blogger or other people. Some of us believe it’s time to stop stupidity in blog commenting. It isn’t necessarily the downfall of Western civilation, but getting pretty close. But why?

Blog commenting has always been a centerpiece of the nature of a blog. It originated from a time when message boards and forums were still the main way to convey thoughts online, and when people began to understand that it was time for more expression.

One of the sites that made blogging and commenting so popular was Blogger. Sometimes I look upon Blogger as both a curse and a blessing. Curse: It offers new ways for bad people to put bad things on the bad Internet. Blessing: It offers new ways for good people to put good things on the good Internet.

And no, there aren’t two Internets. A new one is in development, though.

But what really irritates me is some of the things people put on blog commentary, especially CSS showcases, the main topic saved for the next post. Often people put things such as “Just so you know, your blog is dumb” (and mostly spell it wrong) and “You’re not fit to be blogging” and other things of that sort.

Sometimes on the Internet, people get crazy. It’s true. Sometimes on the Internet, people do things they regret. Such as placing insulting and hugely annoying comments on blog posts that are meant to be for the good and not.

Blog commenting isn’t always bad though. Some of the most profound words have been said on blog commentary. For example, Sam’s criticizing comment made me rethink Firefox in “Mozilla the Corporation”. And Pat’s a–little–too–wordy comment on “Isn’t Netscape 8 Supposed to be Better?” gave his answer to my attack of Netscape.

The Internet brings out the best in us ... and the worst in us. Just recently on the post “The Lull in Web Standards” there was a comment required for deletion because if its nature. Even if the deepest topics are contemplated, even if the highest praise is given, even if the president comments on your blog, blog commenting must die.