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Four Years September 11, 2005 – 5:04 p.m. – Permalink

The World Trade Center.

“America has been attacked.” I will never forget those words for as long as I live. It has been four years since the September 11 attacks that took place four years ago on this date. There were both heroisms and failures in those unfolding tragedies.

But the most astounding thing I remember about those days following the disaster is the response of Web designers and developers alike on the Web.

Within days hundreds of sites had popped up looking for loved ones or just giving rememberance.

Within weeks almost the entire Internet community rose to remember those who had died and a massive archive of every single site regarding 9/11 had popped up.

Within months every minute detail of the excavation and reconstruction were followed by designers worldwide as they recounted their experiences again and again on their blogs.

Within years we remembered. We remembered the heroism of every firefighter and every policemen and every citizen trapped in the buildings, we remembered our fright as they collapsed, we remember President Bush’s amazingly speedy response.


Another post with the same name is located at Pat’s blog. The image above was taken by Aaron Logan.