Five most popular places to see in Prague

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Charles bridge museumIf you arrive in Prague at first time and have no time or possibility to find a guide, read the following recommendations where spend your vacation. Here are five most popular places to see in Prague.

At first you should visit Old Charles Bridge. The Old Charles is the oldest bridge through the Vltava River in Prague. This bridge has a rich history. In order to know more interesting things you can visit the Charles Bridge Museum.

Then go to one of five most popular places to see in Prague – the Town Square. It is the most famous square in Prague. There is a monument to reformer Jan Hus, well-known Czech in the centre of this Square.

Another place of interest is Vysehrad Castle.Old Town square It is located on the hill on river Vltava. Near it you can see a cemetery with the graves of renowned people and a nice park with a great number of statues. (If you travel with your child – on your way there you’ll find at a small cozy wooden playground – children adore it).

Petrin Tower is a small copy of the Eiffel Tower. Petrin is just 60 meters high, and visitors are allowed to climb up there. As this tower is situated on the top of the hill, you can look down and see marvelous parks and gardens. One can go up by the funicular railway and down through the green parks on his own.

At last you may have a break from the old and visit Prague Zoo. The zoo is a very up-to-date. A miniature farm, where you can feed little sheep, lambs, look at wandering pets, chickens, rabbits of various species in the cells.

Five most exciting places to visit in Vienna

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Schonbrunn palace landmarksVienna – the ancient capital of great empire, mix of luxury and antiquity. Vienna – a city of great musicians, dancing white stallions, a marvelous coffee and the world-known apple strudel. This city, as beautiful and charming as the music itself, with its scent of strong coffee and mulled wine, clip-clop of the hooves on cobblestones, and fir limbs before Christmas …

There are five most exciting places to visit in Vienna. If you don’t see them, your journey to this city will be colorless and useless.

At first you should visit Hofburg. It’s a huge palace complex, the winter palace of the Habsburgs. One of the gems of the palace is its treasury, which collected the royal jewelry.

Then go to Spanische Reitschule – the oldest arena in the world.Spanische Reitschule The school is part of the Hofburg Palace built during the reign of the Hapsburgs.

Having left Spanische Reitschule you find yourself in Belvedere – a romantic park with waterfalls, ponds and palaces. Be sure to visit the Upper Belvedere. You’ll be enchanted.

One more place to visit is Schonbrunn Palace – the summer palace of the Habsburgs, undoubtedly, the jewel of Vienna. It is surrounded with beautiful gardens.

And the last sightseeing is St. Stephen’s Cathedral – the largest and most sumptuous Gothic cathedral in Austria. Walking up the stairs, you can be on top of the tower, offering the incredible views of the city.

Five places to visit in Berlin

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Brandenburg GateUp to 1945 Berlin had been the cultural center of Europe. There are a great number of monuments here, but if you haven’t been in the capital of Germany before you wouldn’t know what places are worth seeing. There are five places to visit in Berlin. The most well-known among them is Berlin Wall. It was erected in 1961 and destroyed in 1989, a tragic page in German history that divided one nation into two parts. Nowadays one can see a diversity of graffiti and pictures on the wall. Thousands of tourists come here daily.

Brandenburg Gate is the only remaining city gate of Berlin, their original name is the Gate of Peace. They were built by Carl Gottgardom Langhans in 1789-1791.Unter den linden It is considered to be the first significant work done in the style of Berlin Classicism. Decoration of the facade belongs to Johann Gottfried Schadow hand, he also designed the six-meter quadriga, which is reigned by the goddess of victory Victoria.

Next place to visit in our ‘Five places to visit in Berlin’ list is Unter den Linden. It’s a boulevard in the Mitte district of the city. It is lined with great architectural buildings, restaurants, bars, cafés, and foreign missions.

Schloss Charlottenburg is the most beautiful palace in Berlin. It was built between in 1695 – 1699 for Sophie Charlotte, and extensively rebuilt after World War II due to damage caused thereby.

And the last is Reichstag, former Third Reich residence. Today it is decorated with a huge glass dome, created by British architect Sir Norman Foster. You can go through the west gate and take the elevator up to the dome, which offers a wonderful view of Berlin. Under the dome one will also find a restaurant.Berlin schloss charlottenburg gartenseite

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