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Last Exile Blog Template

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Consulting Work

One evening, Brian asked me to assist him on some problems with layout and other elements he was having with a Blogger template he was creating for Patrick.

The most critical problem Brian was experiencing was continuing the background image all the way down the page as is taught in “Faux Columns”. Interestingly, the Faux Columns method didn’t work and I ended up delving into my own past code to discover the problem. Eventually he found the problem for himself but not without considerable annoyance from me.

Along the way, I consulted him on various things such as shorthand properties, colors, etc. In the end he came out with a brilliantly gorgeous design that is certainly one of the best Blogger templates out there.

Update (October 16, 2005) Patrick has re–implemented his blog template. The layout still exists but the graphics and look have changed drastically. Unfortunately, I did not retain a copy of Pat’s source code, so there is no way to see this template.

No longer applicable.