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Long Word Central

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Redesign 1: May - June 2005
Redesign 2: Fall 2005

This is from my more inexperienced days of design; since November 2004 there have been many sites I have had the privilege of designing.

Long Word Central was not essentially my first site. Previous to the project I designed an offline site called Horizontal Rule Creator, which showed some of the programs I had fiddled around with in JavaScript. HRC was my gateway into CSS, being the first site I ever designed using CSS.

In November of 2004, after the death of HRC in August of that same year, I found out that my ISP provided free Web hosting. I quickly piled a site together (too quickly, one might say) and began uploading.

This site eventually became Long Word Central. One of the chief interests in my life has been long words. I began writing The Long Words of the World, which is now in its fourth edition, in 2003.

Only a fraction of the publication is currently online — I will be placing the complete extent of the fourth edition into Long Word Central during the redesign this autumn.

Update (October 25, 2005) I have received some very harsh e–mails regarding the design of Long Word Central (namely the navigation’s inconsistency with the rest of the page, and also the absence of containers). I have had enough. A redesign message has been uploaded onto Long Word Central. As of today, you will no longer be able to see the design that so many loathed and criticized rudely.