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Trivial Pursuit @ the Library

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Redesign 1: Undetermined

In June, the East Library of the Pikes Peak Library District asked me to design a site for their upcoming event called “Trivial Pursuit @ the Library,” which also includes a costume party. I went for a more minimalist look in this site.

What the library specifically needed me for was to create a dynamic scorecard which would be projected onto a screen during the game of Trivial Pursuit.

The only problem that has been occurring is that the navigation is shifted to the right in Internet Explorer 6 because of some differences in unordered lists. I’m not worried about this because at the event, the scorecard will be displayed in Firefox.

The event will be taking place in July.

Update (July 9, 2005) The deadline has been placed at July 13, 2005 and the site is moving toward the completion stage; it is at Approval.

Update (July 23, 2005) The site is complete. The event the site was designed for took place on July 21 and it was a great success.