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Cathi Webber BETA

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Testing, Approval
Deadline: Undetermined

This is one of the most difficult sites I have ever designed, purely because it is an educational site and therefore the standards are much higher. I went for an “old book” look to represent the historical aspect of social studies.

All of the code in this site is completely hand-coded, except for very few and very minor automatic generations (e.g. typing “<a” and the editor changes it to “<a href=” etc.). Mrs. Webber, the teacher in this site, has approved the website; however, before uploading, it will have to pass school approval, which will be undecided until school begins again in August.

Also, I noticed a display bug in Internet Explorer 6 for Windows where the calendar under “Agenda” does not appear correctly as it does in Firefox 1.x. Therefore the site remains under testing ... please, if you know how to fix this, contact me; I’ve tried many things but none of them seem to work.

Completion is scheduled in fall or winter 2005.