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On the Brink of Extinction

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Redesign 1: Indeterminate

I was asked by Celia one day to design a site for her final geography school project. It was quite a surprise, because I had many other responsibilities during that time and wasn’t very willing to put another one on top. But eventually, I piled something together and it turned out much better than I expected.

Celia and her partner Amber were going to do a project on endangered animals, so I began by asking Celia what her favorite endangered species was. After she answered “black–footed ferret,” I looked for photographs of black–footed ferrets and decided to integrate one of the photographs into a Polaroid picture format, with a ripped piece of notebook paper on top that stated their full project title, “On the Brink of Extinction: A Look at Endangered Species.”

The color scheme was made up entirely by Celia’s and Amber’s choices. Purple for the gradient at the top was Celia’s decision, as was the tannish color for the footer and link hover states. Interestingly, it was the header that took me the longest out of the entire site design. Altogether it took a few hours to tweak so that it was just right.

After the project was finished and the two girls had submitted it, Celia reported that Mrs. Loveland, their geography teacher, was very impressed with the site. I now consider this particular design to be one of my more stylistically unique, and thank Celia for such a wonderful proposal.