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Patti Marx BETA

Patti Marx
Deadline: Soon

In September of 2005, I offered to design a site for Mrs. Marx, one of my teachers at middle school. She accepted, and over the weekend I completed a fully accessible, no–nonsense layout that was valid and yet very aesthetic.

One of the most surprising things I noticed is how fast I designed it. The whole site was complete in two hours and Mrs. Marx was very pleased. I wasn’t inspired much by other sites; one of my major goals was to make it as simple as it could possibly be.

The major goal of the site was to improve on her original site (unstandardized and invalid) and to house the homework she would post daily and any important announcements. I used sparse imagery, because the school I attend is not very lenient about using images that are potentially copyrighted.

I think I was able to achieve that through this site while still maintaining my distinctive style. Thanks to all the people who gave me input on the beta.