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The Ransom of Red Chief

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No Redesign Intended

The Ransom of Red Chief is a production at my middle school that we are performing. I was asked to design a site for it, and I had very limited time to do it. Surprisingly, the site came out much better than I expected. It is simple, reminiscent of Patti Marx and Trivial Pursuit @ the Library.

The site is much simpler than it looks, a by–product of the speed at which I put this together. The header background image is a modified photograph of the cast of the show. The markup is also very minimal, and as far as I know, the sites validates with flying colors.

Probably the most difficult aspect of creating the site was deciding on the color scheme. The colors had to fit every object on the site, including the header, the navigational links, and the story quote at the bottom (the production is based on a short story by O. Henry). Eventually I came up with a goldenrod–based color scheme, building the site around it.

Another complication was the differences in font sizing with ems in Firefox and Internet Explorer. There was a significant difference between the two, and I even was required to give up one of the headings to be rid of the situation.