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What Is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is a file format for Web syndication most popularly used through blogs like this one and news sites (such as the BBC World News). RSS gives summaries of new items posted on these sites and sends them to a news aggregator, software used to receive and display RSS feeds.

Using RSS Feeds

As discussed above, you can use a news aggregator to display feeds and select what you want to view. Some popular aggregators are FeedDemon, NewzCrawler, and NetNewsWire. Copy and paste the URL of any feed into the subscribe dialog of your respective aggregator.

Several browsers, such as Firefox and Safari offer built–in RSS support. Refer to your browser help file or website for more information on how you can use this feature or download it.

Seraphic Zephyr only uses RSS 2.0 feeds. The reason for this is having a feed for every single standard out there (and there are quite a lot) is cumbersome and tedious.